Discover the antiallergic mesh from Bamar-Pol.
Due to its structure, this product provides maximum protection against pollen and dust particles, in compared to the standard mosquito net.
Our antiallergic mesh is especially recommended for allergy sufferers, but also for people who value clean room air.
The Bamar-Pol anti-allergic mesh can be used in the classic form of a mosquito net, i.e. a window-mounted frame in a non-invasive way, but also in the form of a rolling mosquito net.

More details about the mesh and the possibilities of its use in the "Products" section

Product description

The Bamar-Pol antiallergic mesh is a patented product that provides maximum protection against plant pollen and dust.
This high-quality mesh combines three desirable features with this type of product: it perfectly protects against airborne particles, is highly translucent and provides excellent airflow. Thanks to our mesh, people suffering from hay fever, can still ventilate their rooms without worrying about letting unwanted allergens inside. 

Basic features:
Black colour
Roll width: 160 or 260 cm
Coil: 50 m
Composition: 100% polyester

Detailed technical specification:

Aspect Value Tolerance Unit Method
Weight 114 +/- 5% g/m2 ---
Width 160/260 +/- 3% cm ---
Tearstrength, length 231 +/- 10% N/5 cm ISO 13934-1:1999
Tearstrength, width 828 +/- 10% N/5 cm ISO 13934-1:1999
Elongation, length 39,7 +/- 10% N/5 cm ISO 13934-1:1999
Elongation, width 25,0 +/- 10% N/5 cm ISO 13934-1:1999
Crocking test dry/wet 4/5 >4 --- ISO 105X12D02
Air permeability
(20 Pa) w L/mx s
1600 +/- 10% L/mx s ISO 9237:1995
Air permeability
(25 Pa) w L/mx s
1880 +/- 10% L/mx s ISO 9237:1995


Product description

The Bamar-Pol frame mosquito net with antiallergic mesh is an ideal solution for people who value simplicity and aesthetics.
This system is mounted on the outside of the window frame. Thanks to the rotary grips assembly is very simple and allows disassembly at any time. It is also non-invasive, which means no drilling of the window frame or walls in the recess. Frame corners cover the place where the profiles converge in the corner.

Product description

The anti-allergic Bamar-Pol mesh used in the rolling mosquito net system allows it to be rolled up without having to be removed from the window, as is the case with frame mosquito screens.

Thanks to the spring mechanism, the net is rolled up automatically, without the need to use a chain or string. Operating is very simple, only pulling for the bottom bar of the mosquito net. Special brushes placed in the guides and at the bottom profile level any clearances and prevent the entry of pollen and other undesirable elements into the room.
Due to its design, the system can be mounted in a recess or directly on the wall. This also applies to roof windows, where a frame mosquito net cannot be used.
The rolled mosquito net system together with our antiallergic mesh is the perfect choice for people who value perfection and high quality of the ordered product.

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